Impressed from the first showing

The process of buying a house can be nerve wracking and Rick was extremely patient with us-holding our hands the whole way and assuring us it would all be okay. We met Rick by chance—we were interested in a house on New Street in Edgewood and Rick agreed to show us the house. We didn’t know what to expect (our first time buying a house). We had some setbacks starting our search, but we decided to stick with Rick. He impressed us that much just from the first showing. Once we started searching again, Rick was “on the job.” It’s obvious Rick knows a lot about Intown Atlanta-He always has a story about each neighborhood and can point out great restaurants in each, especially in East Atlanta Village. He’s also a great listener-we told him what we wanted (which was very very specific) and he delivered. He never recommended a house he knew we would never even consider. If we sent an email or text at 11:25 pm, we got an answer 15 minutes later. If we broke down crying because we were frustrated about bids/negotiations, he would always counter with a solution. We had a great experience with Rick, and he taught us a lot along the way. If you want a caring, hardworking agent, Rick is your man. And his wife Lisa is a sweetheart.